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Terms of Use

By using The Service(Guysway.co.uk), you the website User, confirm you are over 18(eighteen)years of age.

GuysWay.co.uk allows users to search for massage services, contact any of the masseurs listed, and to advertise their own massage services using a directory listing.

You may not use the GuysWay.co.uk website to create or amend you own database, records, marketing or prospect mailing lists, or for your own commercial use beyond advertising massage services as listed above.

You may not contact the professionals listed on GuysWay.co.uk for any commercial or sales purpose beyond booking a massage service as described above.

Users are responsible totally for the updating and deleting of their own profile and cannot be held responsible for profiles that remain on the server of sleepyboy.com.

Guysway.co.uk is not responsible for the accuracy of any Images provided by users(Masseurs).

Registration and Subscription

Subscriptions are non transferable and apply to your account from which the subscription was purchased.

The prices are different:

  • £40.99 one month London/35.89 save(3%) recurring

  • £37 one month Manchester/33.95 save(3%) recurring

  • £37 one month Birmingham/33.95 save(3%) recurring

  • £32 one month Glasgow/31.04 save(3%) recurring

  • £37 one month Bristol/31.04 save(3%) recurring

  • £37 one month Brighton/31.04 save(3%)recurring

  • £32 one month Liverpool/31.04 save(3%) recurring

  • £29 one month for all other cities /28.13 save(3%) recurring

Guysway.co.uk reserves the right to increase or reduce the price or alter the content or features of any Subscription Service without prior notice, explanation or liability.


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