5 massage techniques to keep your customers coming back

Want to build a loyal customer base of people who just can’t get enough? These five top tips will keep them coming back for more time after time:

1) Make sure you vary the pressure you put on when you’re delivering a massage. Use a variety of lighter touches and more intense moves to stimulate the senses and hold your customer’s attention. Try mixing it up ¬†with your massage techniques; you’ll be thrilled with the results and so will your client.

2) Massage away the stresses of the day; the lower back is the most common place for injuries to occur, but the upper back and shoulders are where we carry a lot of our tension. Luckily it’s also one of the easiest massage techniques to master; simply hold the shoulders from the back and push your thumb slowly up and down the line of the shoulder blade. Do one at a time, then both together for the best results!
3) Use rollers and accessories, which take some of the strain off your hands and arms – and feel great for your client. Make sure that you don’t press down too hard, and avoid bony areas as it can be easy to bruise with some types of roller.

4) Pay close attention to the spine, it’s one of the most important bones in our body and it deserves some TLC every now and again. Use circular motions to massage each individual vertebra, then position one thumb on either side of the spine at the bottom of the back and push upwards all the way to the neck.
Do the same moving from top to bottom, then finish off by placing a thumb on either side of the spine again and moving them out towards the sides of the body, applying moderate pressure.

5) Create the perfect environment in which to perform your massage. For ultimate relaxation, consider putting on some soothing music, lighting scented or aromatherapy candles and ensuring that your space is at a comfortable ambient temperature.
You should also consider investing in a selection of different massage¬†oils – some people may be allergic to certain oils, prefer all-natural ingredients or request a certain scent. The more you are able to cater to their needs, the happier they’ll be with their service and the more likely they’ll be to book a return visit!

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