Could prostate massage reduce the risk of cancer?

1 in 8 men will suffer from prostate cancer in the UK at some point in their lives. It’s therefore incredibly important to keep an eye out for symptoms of prostate cancer (enlarged prostate, bladder problems, erectile dysfunction and prostate pain, just to name a few) and to try to keep the disease at bay.


Reducing the risk of prostate cancer

There a number of ways that men can reduce their risk of prostate cancer. The first is to maintain a healthy weight, since research shows that being obese or overweight results in a high risk of developing the disease. A healthy, balanced diet can also help keep the body in good condition and reduce the possibility of developing cancer. An unusual diet tip is to drink more coffee, since research has shown that coffee can reduce the risk of prostate cancer, with men who drink six cups or more a day having an almost 20% lower risk of developing the disease [].

There is also a theory that prostate massage can reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Although the subject is still a matter of debate amongst medical professionals, many believe that the process of prostate massage can help rid the prostate of unhealthy toxins which have carcinogenic properties and could lead to cancer.

Prostate massage offers a host of other benefits, too. It is believed that removing toxins from the prostate via massage can help the tissues remain healthy and allow the prostate to function normally. It could reduce the risk of infection and inflammation, ensure a healthy bladder and sexual function, and help to prevent painful conditions such as prostatitis.

Furthermore, regular prostate massage can help you understand the normal shape and size of your prostate and look out for any unusual changes. Prostate enlargement is a common symptom of prostate cancer, so by massaging regularly, you can become aware of this as soon as it happens and seek medical advice from a GP as quickly as possible.

How to perform prostate massage

1. To begin with, ensure your anus is as clean as possible by taking a shower or bath; warm water can help to relax the skin and tissues, too.

2. Apply a little lubricant to your clean index finger, and gently place it over the anus.

3. With gentle pressure, insert the finger until you reach the prostate; it is a walnut-sized gland located towards the front of the anus and you will notice an increase in sensation when you reach it.

4. You should then move your finger up and down over the prostate five to 10 times in order to massage it.

It can be difficult to reach the prostate with your finger without placing the body into an uncomfortable position, so it may be beneficial to use a prostate massager instead; they tend to be ergonomically designed to fit the natural shape of the body for greater comfort.

Prostate massage may be daunting, but the benefits it could have for your health make it most definitely worth it.

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