A superior gay massage service that’s intimate and professional can be hard to find. Finding service that’s caring and willing to deliver above and beyond can make all the difference in the world. Connecting people together and creating deep relationships that last for many years is what makes so unique.

Marcello, the owner of SignatureGayMassage, recognized the need for a superior VIP gay massage service. To him it felt like more than just a business from day one, and to this day it’s a huge part of what makes his services so successful and well reviewed. After years of service as an international gay escort, Marcello found that personal connections were extremely rare. 

After many years as a high level gay escort, he wanted to find meaning in his line of work. He took a leave of absence and went on a globetrotting adventure of self-discovery. He traveled the world for quite some time, learning different massage techniques. Mastering these different techniques gave him a unique perspective in what brought about pleasure to different parts of the body.

From Hawaii, Thai, Indonesia, Australia, Vietnam, New Zealand, China and California, his travels gave him a wide range of skill sets. “Discovering and learning from experts in the massage field and many years of experience allowed me to realise a lifelong dream. I’ve always dreamed of creating a customised gay massage that relied on a true and personal connection. – Marcello

Not only did he learn different techniques, but the experience also allowed him to see what made people connect to one another over many different cultures and countries. Having this unique experience gave him the ability to understand how to connect to others, and it underscored the reason why he went on his journey in the first place.

After roughly a year and a half of traveling led Marcello back to London. “I felt as though I had enough experience to start my own massage parlor now, and I made the jump by starting Signature Gay Massage. From Day One, I vowed that my massage parlor would be far different than any other. And it is!”

Built on a luxurious and VIP gay massage service, focuses on the tantric delivery of pleasurable pressure. More than just a massage, Signature Gay Massage is built on a truly extensive customer service relationship. Located in the heart of London, just few steps from Piazza Covent Garden, Signature Gay Massage became a smash success because of the high level of services. 

With amazing reviews and a sterling reputation, Signature Gay Massage stands for the personable connection that Marcello firmly believed in. It’s this very connection that Marcello have built signaturegaymassage upon. If you are looking for the best luxury gay massage in London, turn to the professional services at signaturegaymassage. Another interesting link is Marcello’s Gay Massage Blog ( with interesting articles and some inspirational stuff.

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