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I am a qualified massage therapist with over 11 years working experience, and I'm a genuine, open, and friendly guy. I offer an integrated massage, which incorporates Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, using long, fluid strokes covering the entire body to leave you feeling connected, deeply relaxed, surrendered, and whole. I pay particular attention to the quality of touch that I give, seamless transitions, and a deep honouring of the body and person before me.
I have a luxurious, super soft, heated massage table, an ergonomic, memory foam face cushion for comfort, and I use water dispersible, non staining massage oil. Towels/draping is optional allowing clients to be as free and uninhibited as they please, and the room is always warm. Sessions are never rushed and you are massaged for the full time booked - a 90 minute massage means just that. I offer a welcoming, relaxed environment that is free from judgement so that you feel able to get the best from every session.
For outcalls please enquire about rates and availability.