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I'm a friendly and easy going muscular masseur giving a relaxed massage.
I work as a personal trainer and massage part-time so, whenever possible, please do book in advance as time slots are limited. Massage requests are predominantly for a full-body nude massage.
First time, gay, bi or straight clientele are welcome. Please contact me directly for further details.
Hours: 11am - 8pm depending upon the day of the week and availability.
Full body nude massage £60.00 for 60 minutes £80.00 for 90 minutes, 120 minutes is also available upon prior arrangement.

Check out my lifestyle pics at Instagram rjbfitnessuk


Review By: Jim 2018/03/24

Wow . First of all his pics don’t do him justice He’s really handsome and his body even better in person. Secondly he’s a really nice guy. No attitude, friendly and really welcoming. I immediately felt really comfortable and at ease. Thirdly, the massage was great he worked over all the troubled areas and spent extra time on my calves and thighs as I asked him to. He really throws himself into it and isn’t some half hearted effort . Good think I’m only in Manchester monthly or I’d find Leo addictive ! Definitely try him.

Review By: Dan 2018/03/03

Fit guy but very unreliable and doesn’t put hat much effort into the sensual. Others are better on this site.

Review By: Wayne 2017/08/11

Booked my first massage with Leo yesterday and I was left absolutely speechless, he is friendly and very welcoming , relaxes you from the door opening and what a massage? He has a great muscular body and great with his hands. As Arnie said I will be back

Review By: R 2017/07/10

After a terrible experience I was really apprehensive, no need to be with this fella. He's a really good guy, plenty of chat about gym and general conversation. His massage is totally professional but has to be the best in the business! I wouldn't hesitate to revisit. Top bloke, I left feeling I had been mates with him for years. Cheers man

Review By: Baz -0001/11/30

Two words.... Absolutely amazing!!!

Review By: Matt -0001/11/30

Fantastic massage from a great guy. Really strong and sensual at the same time. Definitely recommend.

Review By: Robert -0001/11/30

Incredible with his hands. Nice and strong and he knows how to put his muscles to work. Friendly, professional and skilled.

Review By: Jonathan -0001/11/30

Thoroughly excellent massage from a really amiable guy. I was in awe of his muscles; he is really huge yet so down to earth and good to chat with. Great massage. Really worked out some kinks in my back. Fantastic touch and great hands! Will definitely book again.