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WORLD-CLASS, 2 HOUR, TANTRA MASSAGE: £160. I am a Certified Massage Therapist and advanced tantra practitioner. I offer an outstanding integrative massage: a blend of Swedish (ITEC), deep tissue, Esalen, Kahuna and tantra bodywork. I aim to provide the finest massage you are ever likely to experience. I use my entire body to apply pressure - hands, forearms, elbows, knees and feet. As such, throughout the massage we would both normally be naked. All parts of your body can be incorporated into the treatment, including anal, genital and prostate massage. Mutual touch is welcome towards the climax of the session. Everything that is special about my work takes time, so I ONLY OFFER TREATMENTS WHICH LAST AT LEAST 2 HOURS. I've found the body needs this amount of time to open up to deeper work and for the experience to be genuine tantra. I work on a heated massage table, using warm coconut oil, in a luxury Westminster studio. Shower facilities are available. Originally from Scotland, people describe me as handsome, masculine, warm and friendly. I am available most days from 10 a.m. to finish by 10 p.m. Cash, Visa, MasterCard and Apple Pay accepted. For lots more information about the service I offer, please visit my website via the link above.


Review By: David 2018/03/07

This is one of the best massage experiences that I have ever had. Sam has fantastic technique (it is obvious that he is professionally trained), that includes elements of relaxation, deep tissue and tantra. And he provides all of the extras (heated oil, heated towels, shower available if needed, etc.). The closest experiences that I have had to this (though with less tantra) were Ayurvedic massages in India. Sam is a beautiful guy inside and out: smart, sensitive, handsome, sexy. The setup at his flat is very nice and comfortable, and he is easy to get to with public transportation. You won't go wrong if you book with Sam.

Review By: G 2017/09/11

What an experience from start to finish. A very professional, intense,fun,relaxing and no pressure massage with many small extras in terms of service and hospitality.I was totally at ease and content. I highly recommend.

Review By: KV 2017/08/26

All I can say is fantastic. This gentleman is an expert & professional in every possible way. Felt totally at ease.

Review By: Ian 2017/07/25

This was the most complete and satisfying Tantra massage I’ve ever experienced. Sam really gives his all to creating a profoundly nourishing and pleasurable massage. I felt totally safe, pampered, respected, and delighted.