Would you book this masseur again?

Thank you. Michael


Review By: Joe 2018/01/26

Amazing time with this guy and fulfilled my every wish. Super Sexy and looks even hotter in person.. he has plenty great underwear too Highly Recommend.

Review By: Arjun 2018/01/19

Michael's an expert at his skill. I'd call it an art actually. Because the ability to be acutely aware of muscular tensions, resistances just by a gentle touch cannot just merely be a skill. It's an art. I've been seeing him for a bad back for over two months now. I'm in a much better place from where I started. And that's thanks to Michael and not painkillers and prescription drugs. He's a thorough professional and an authentic no bones about it human being. He's a frigging good looking lad, has a great sense of humour and I'd honestly not look anywhere if I needed a massage. I'd probably just badger him that he tries to accommodate me sometime in the week :)

Review By: Peter 2018/01/01

Michael is a brilliant masseur. He's very serious and skilled about the massage and is also of course dead sexy and very charming!

Review By: Tommy 2017/11/03

In one word, amazing! Micahel is terrific, totally understands a man's body and what it needs. Great massage!