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Body Massage is a great way to get rid of physical and mental tension through a variety of hands on techniques that can help you to unwind and boost your energy levels. For those who enjoy exercise through gym training, swimming, cycling, cross fit, weight lifting etc, massage is an ideal way to improve your performance by speeding up the recovery time, improving flexibility and preventing injury, therefore improving the quality of your training. However, anyone can benefit from massage treatments and with a variety of styles used on the body, you will feel notice the beneficial effects from the start of the session. Male waxing has become an integral part of grooming for men that gives us that extra clean, smooth, comfortable feeling that you don't get from shaving. For sportsmen, a clean, hair free body can enhance performance. In addition, body hair can hide all the hard work from fitness training, whether in the gym, cycling, swimming, playing rugby/football etc., waxing can will reveal the muscle tone and size that hair can cover up. Once you have been waxed, unlike shaving, you should feel ultra smooth for up to 4 weeks. All aspects of male waxing is carried out in clean, professional, private environment by a fully qualified male waxing therapist. Looking forward to meeting you, Robbie 07940488526, absolutewax