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Adam Clifford has been practising yoga for 20 years. Astanga and Power yoga forms the basis of his current practice, and his knowledge comes directly from the most accomplished yoga masters in the world. He trained as a yoga instructor with Erich Schiffman in Los Angeles, and his Astanga teachers include the late Sri K Pattabhi Jois from Mysore, India and Hamish Hendry in London. Adam has also studied in the Iyengar tradition which continues to inform his yoga practice and teaching to this day. He believes in keeping yoga enjoyable, light and fun while recognising its power to transform your life. He has created DVDs and calendars designed to make yoga more accessible, and every summer he leads residential yoga retreats at a variety of relaxing holiday locations around the world. Over the years Adam has taught corporations, celebrities and honest Joes. For four years he ran a successful naked yoga class to music in Covent Garden under the brand name Naked Power Yoga. ‘It's great to back with my talent to meet new and interesting people. Yoga has been the main consistent tool in my life! Without bragging it's certainly helped to raise my consciousness and kept me fit. I'm not what you would expect of a yoga teacher from how yoga is marketed today. I'm not on the perfect yoga script of the Los Angeles self-help movement. I taught naked yoga for many years which was incredibly liberating. I grew up in Es and am a class warrior of anarchist politics and protest. I'm also a gay dad of two boys. In my spare time I write and make punk music. I keep it real. I'm always kind on the job and I love to share the practical techniques of yoga that has helped to create an awareness from deep within.’ – Adam