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I am an enthusiastic and skilled remedial massage therapist with 2+ years experience in deep tissue, shiatsu and reflexology. I have a proven track record of providing highly responsive massage services to enhance clients' mobility and increase flexibility. I have a chilled temperament and open approach to massage practices. And a special talent for performing professional spa massage and body treatment. 

My committed and intuitive approach to massage, and my passion for the therapy has enabled me to successfully treat clients around the globe. From Germany to China, Malaysia, Philipines, Spain, London among others.


Review By: steve 2017/12/28

I thought Alex was brilliant, he was able to adapt his massage to my needs, especially as i had issues with my neck. He was neither too rough or too soft and was able to give me a brilliant head massage as well just wonderful, would book again.

Review By: Matt 2017/12/27

Alex is an amazing masseur. Initially we couldn't make a time work for us both and then he moved things around so it was possible. He's thoughtful, welcoming and a gentle soul. His massage was fantastic. Slow, deep, powerful - and all over. I drifted off a few times. He doesn't clock watch, quite the opposite. He clearly loves what he does. I can't recommend him highly enough. (He's also much more handsome than he looks in his pictures and incredibly fit!)

Review By: Simon 2017/12/27

Today I had my first massage with Alex and I can't wait to be back for more. From the moment you meet him, you realised Alex is a welcoming, caring and thoughtful therapist which immediately makes you feel comfortable and at ease. Besides, his expert touch is so special that you believe is not only your muscles and tissues which are being pampered, but also the energies in your body. I can't recommend him enough. Well done, Alex!

Review By: Simon 2017/12/27

I just had my first massage with Alex and I cannot wait till the next one –Alex is a very welcoming, caring, thoughtful therapist which strives to make you feel comfortable and at ease. He also has a very sensitive touch that makes you feel not only your muscles and tissues are being pampered, but also your internal energy flow. Well done, Alex!