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I am a personal trainer and an experienced massage therapist. I work really hard at the gym to keep my body in excellent form so you can caress and touch me whenever you want.  My massage strokes are particularly designed to make you feel relaxed, energized and aroused . I will take you to another dimension.

I usually wear gym shorts and a vest, but if you prefer I can wear just underwears, jockstraps or be completely nude.

With me, you have the perfect massage, the fitness model and a warm and friendly Italian man. So what are you waiting for?  Call me and we will have a lot of fun !  Gino


Review By: daniel jones 2018/03/23

Just had the best deep tissue massage, holistic and healing! finally got rid of my daily knots and tensions. if you're interested in this super reasonably priced massage, by a fantastic qualified therapist, highly recommended.