Pricing Tables

  • Choose tha plans that suits you better

    There are two plans: Standards and Vip pan
  • if you choose to go for the Recurring options you will charged automatically every month, this is cheaper than paying for one month plan. And you can Cancel anytime.
  • 1 Month only plan is Self explanatory. You can pay manually after it expires if you with to stay for another month.
  • There is an option to upgrade if you already subscribed, the upgrade is calculated, it takes off days you consumed from your current subscription, and add the sum left and deduce it from the Vip amount.

Reccuring Subscription

  • Standards listing
  • detailed profile
  • upload up to 10 pictures
  • Subscribe Today
1 Month Subscription

Vip Recurring Subscription

  • Listing in the Vip area
  • Available now feature(this is in testing mode)
  • highlighted in the home page
  • display a review in the home page
  • Standards listing
  • detailed profile
  • upload up to 15 photos
  • Private gallery available
  • Subscribe Today
1 Month Vip plan