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Erotic massage: the perfect foreplay

A sensual massage is the perfect way to connect with your partner and lead into love making. You can melt away unwanted tension, and tune into your partner both emotionally and physically. An erotic massage is a great opportunity to pay one another careful attention and a chance to savour every touch, getting you both more excited about what’s to come.

Massage is a great way to learn about your partner's naked body and become a better lover. Communicating about what feels good can help you to open up and learn how to please each other. The slow pace means you can take time to try out different techniques and discover which kinds of touches excite your lover. Try different strokes and movements, hard and soft, on all parts of the body. You can use what you learn to bring your partner more sexual pleasure.

A good environment for massage will also be a good environment for love making. Candles, scented oils and soft fabrics can all help create a sexy, relaxing atmosphere. Pleasurable textures and smells can help to heighten the senses, as can soft music. An erotic massage in such a carefully prepared space is the ideal start to a session of love making.